About Us

About Us


About Us

          Carnival Services has been providing party rental equipment for nearly 38 years. The company started in Paramount, CA with a single inflatable, and has grown into one of California’s largest mechanical and inflatable rental companies. We have a five star rating with yahoo, and an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Carnival Services is 100% compliant to all local and state regulations, including carrying all business licenses and permits. In addition to this, Carnival Services works or provides sponsorship to the NFIB as well as the California PTA, and the CTA. Here are some more areas where Carnival Services prides itself in excellent performance.


State Permits and Inspections:

          Carnival Services equipment undergoes site-to-site inspections, and an annual State Inspection. All of our equipment is maintained at a level suitable for party rentals, including paint, and maintenance by our full-time mechanical engineer. Only our state approved maintenance staff with certificates are allowed to maintain our mechanical equipment. All of our site-to-site inspectors have undergone biannual training exercises.


Carnival Services Staff:

          Carnival Services requires all staff to attend quarterly LSHC (Labor Safety and Health Committee) meetings. All of our staff attend additional training exercises, and must complete training requirements provided by California State DOSH. Each of our staff, are certified by the company to setup, operate, take down, and emergency evacuate Carnival Services rental equipment. Additionally, Carnival Services prefers to hire staff from the California Unified School Districts. Many of our staff have worked with Pomona Unified School District and or have been submitted through California’s Megan’s Law. Along with special training, and background checks, our staff is required to maintain a minimum of part-time employment with at least one other employer. Finally our staff is not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke on any properties, and must be drug free. All Carnival Services staff wears black pants or shorts, and a red polo dress shirt. There are no logos or advertisements on any of Carnival Services uniforms.



          Carnival Services carries $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) in insurance and will provide proof of that insurance. Carnival Services will also provide Additional Insurance Certificates with Endorsements, upon request.


Rental Agreement:

          Carnival Services rental agreement makes it easier for clients to receive the best quality of service possible. Carnival Services accepts Purchase Orders, and can arrange payment plans. There are many options within the rental agreement that can be flexible to accommodate special requirements or restrictions, such as Universities, Cities, and other Private Schools, Charities, etc.



          Carnival Services has worked with many venders over the years, and there is no location in the United States that we will not deliver to. Carnival Services works with the California PTA and has been helping non-profit organizations plan special events including cancer walks, community organizing, and religious outreach. Carnival Services has a customer base of over 600 return clients every year and has provided services for tens of thousands of events over the last four decades. Although we provide many services to several celebrities and large corporations we are not at liberty to publicly post their names or the names of any private schools, private organization or churches. Please contact Carnival Services directly to get information about those clients. Thank you for your understanding.


Online and Offline Services:

          Carnival Services has multiple “Event Planners with several phone numbers and emails to choose from. This option allows for more flexibility and keeps most clients from needing to wait for any length of time. Our online system has 100% real-time availability and can provide an accurate proposal of services. With an Email the Cart option, Wish List, and a multitude of payment options, www.carnivalservices.com is a fully functioning E-store providing only the best in E-commerce.

          Carnival Services Event Planners have “Extensive Knowledge” of our equipment, and know just a touch about a lot of everything else. Carnival Services Event Planners can provide detailed information, recommendations, and prepare proposals at no additional charge.

Carnival Services Event Managers can do “Site Evaluations,” including meeting face-to-face with a group or committee to discuss event options, unforeseen problems, or communicate additional services. Event Managers have a comprehensive understanding of each attraction and can relay critical information concerning an attraction capacity, limitations, or restrictions. Site evaluations can also be useful to develop a Think Tank, ensuring that every avenue has been properly considered. Event Managers can also provide answers to unasked questions, and offer additional recommendations concerning the operation of the equipment and concerning the functionality of the event layout.

          Carnival Services provides many different options including “Discounts and Add-ons.” Carnival Services supplies each event planner with the ability to negotiate and compromise. Because computers don’t always know what the best price is, or what discounts you can get, our event planners can navigate these waters for you. Finding the best deals, add-ons, or simply applying the right discounts for your event, Carnival Services Event Planners have extensive knowledge into the loop-holes of Carnival Services pricing matrix. Talk to one today to get more information on how you can save on your special event.  Click here to contact us online.