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4n1 Euro Bungy

4 in 1 EUROBUNGY-TRAMPOLINE - Great for parties of every style. A true entertainment attraction, impress your audience with this higher capacity Euro Bungy. Carnival Services proudly presents its new line of party rental favorites.


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4n1 Euro Bungy

Carnival Services proudly presents the 4n1 Euro Bungy. Accommodating children and young adults, the 4n1 function allows four patrons to jump on four separate trampolines while under the supervision of four trained Carnival Services attendants. 



Operation Requirements



(CAUTION)   Setup Requirements

  (NOTICE)    Space Requirements




Staff Requirements


(4) CS Staff Included

Power Requirements


110 volt 20 amp outlet

Distance From Power Source


50 ft.


Ride Requirements


Crowd Capacity

Crowd Recommendations

Renter Recommendations


4 Jumpers

Children & Young Adults

Crowd should sign waivers

Minimum Weight Requirements

Maximum Weight Requirements


25 lbs.

180 lbs.

Minimum Height Requirements

Maximum Height Requirements




Minimum Age Requirements

Maximum Age Requirements


2 yrs.

24 yrs.





Frequently asked Questions:


Why do we have to get (4) four attendants? Can it be run with only (2) two attendants?

                California DOSH (Department of Safety and Health/Ride Division) requires all Bungy Trampolines operated in the State of California to have (4) four company trained attendants, one for each trampoline. Did you know that most mechanical rides are inspected, and that they are required by California State law to have a DOSH Permit visible on the ride.


What does ‘Crowd should sign waivers’ mean?

                There are inherent risked in jumping, running, walking, climbing, and about anything people can do for entertainment. However, reminding them of these types of risk while assuring yourself that they are aware of those risks, may further lower your risk if an accident occurs. Acquiring an Additional Insurance Certificate from Carnival Services may be necessary as well.


Why does the setup require fifty feet?

                The Euro Bungy has four (25) twenty-five foot poles that are assembled on each corner of the attraction. These poles make the setup space a total of (50) fifty feet until the poles are raised. Once the poles are raised they require an operating width and height of (25) twenty-five feet.



Rental Price: $1,750.00
Market price: $2,500.00 save 30%
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